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Mariposas del Sol - Montezuma, Costa Rica Rental House
Montezuma Rental House

Healing Arts Center in Montezuma, Costa Rica
Healing Arts Center

montezuma real estate - costa rica

scuba diving in Montezuma

montezuma real estate - costa rica real estate

Hula Hooping in Montezuma, Costa Rica

A baby anteater with a volunteer at Rainsong Wildlife Sanctuary - Cabuya/Montezuma, Costa Rica

Costa Rica Real Estate

Costa Rica Real Estate - Montezuma Sunset

Montezuma Real Estate

Montezuma Real Estate If you've been thinking about buying a property in Costa Rica, then congratulations, because you've found the perfect partner to help you through the process. I've been working or investing in real estate here for almost five years, and have personally purchased nine properties, in addition to working with hundreds of clients from all over the world. As an owner and agent for Tropisphere Real Estate, I assure you that we have the most listings of any real estate company in the area, and I will work very hard not only to find your dream property in the Montezuma area, but to help you through all the steps of buying and then enjoying your purchase. For more info about Costa Rica, see

First, let's make sure that you understand what you're buying and why investing in this part of Costa Rica is a great idea. Click here: investing in Costa Rica to read my views on this. Despite the financial crisis in the U.S. and worldwide, the prices in Montezuma have remained stable, and there's still a lot of interest. Find out why.

Montezuma, Costa Rica Waterfall Second, finding your property. There is no MLS system for Costa Rica real estate, so each company must find their own listings. We have the most listings of any company in Montezuma, as well as hundreds of listings in the neighboring areas of Santa Teresa, Malpais, Playa Hermosa, Tambor, Manzanillo, and Cabuya. After I learn more about you, I might recommend one of these areas instead, depending on what I think will make you happiest. Montezuma is a very special place, so click here: Montezuma Lifestyle to read about Montezuma and see if it seems like the place for you. I work in all these areas, so I'll be able to help you no matter where you end up choosing. Check for much more.

Third, going through the buying process. In most cases, foreigners have the same property rights as Costa Ricans, and unlike a place like Mexico, you can buy titled land which is in your name. You can even get title insurance through Stewart Title if you like. There are many poor lawyers in Costa Rica, but we will recommend a few great ones who speak English and will make sure everything goes smoothly for you. Generally, the buying process is easier in Costa Rica than in the U.S., Canada, or Europe, but there are many pitfalls. I have written an article here: Costa Rica Real Estate Investing Advice that describes many of the common problems to watch out for, many of which your lawyer may not find.

Fourth, enjoying your purchase. We can recommend excellent builders and architects. Then, when you are ready to move or rent your place out, we will help you with rentals, property management, or moving to Costa Rica permanently. I'm especially knowledgable about Costa Rica green building, so if you're interested in learning how to make your house more "green" without spending more money, which adds comfort and value, contact me or check one of my websites about the subject.

If you're interested in renting a home in the area while looking at real estate here, try

Recommended Santa Teresa and Malpais Real Estate:

    Montezuma Eco Development     Eco-Community Lots

Priced from $19,000 up!

Sustainable community of affordable lots, featuring eco-living in Montezuma. Each lot includes access to a community swimming pool and clubhouse, organic gardens, and orchards. Owner Financing Available! Click for more information about ecological living and sustainable construction in the tropics.

Montezuma Eco Village

    Cabuya     Cabuya Dreams - 5-6 Ha lots
Lots from $4.50/m2 up

Beautiful new listing, just a short drive to the beach in Cabuya. The property has been subdivided into ten mini-farms from 5-6 Hectares. From half of the farm, there are ocean views, and from most of the rest, gorgeous mountain views. There are huge old trees, a spring, and a river with water flowing throughout the year.
Ref# 5-62

   Eco Vista Property with Waterfalls and Ocean Views, Costa Rica Real Estate Eco Vista Paradise - 13.2 Ha

Amazing property with two waterfalls and stellar ocean views. Great for investment as the property can be made into a dozen or so ocean view lots, plus more down below.
Ref# 5-222

   Montezuma Cliff Property with spectacular ocean views Super Views - 9500 m2

One of the best properties in Montezuma is now for sale. This property stretches horizontally along the cliff, with over 160 meters of panoramic ocean views. This borders a public road, and is also within walking distance of beautiful Playa Los Cedros and its epic surf spot. Titled land.
Ref# 3-246

    Montezuma Real Estate - Ocean front hotel with concession Ocean front hotel lot with concession - 7421m2

Wow, this is a phenomenal fire-sale bargain! Ocean-front property with a new concession for 20 years. This is located only 2 km south of Montezuma, on Playa Las Manchas, one of the most beautiful beaches in the area, and rated one of the ten cleanest beaches in Costa Rica. The property is very flat with some giant Pochote and Mango trees. Perfect for anyone wanting to do a business in the Montezuma area. I think this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Ref# 2-240
    Waterfall Property in Montezuma, Costa Rica Waterfall Finca - 2.5 Ha

This is easily one of the best properties for sale on the peninsula. It has three hills on it, two of which have ocean views. It borders a river with abeautiful and private waterfall and swimming hole very near it. It also has one of the most massive trees on the peninsula, with at least six different species of orchids living on its ancient branches! This is ideal for a bed and breakfast or cabina business, or could be split up into three beautiful lots and resold individually. Opportunities like this don't come around often.
Ref# 3-111

    Montezuma Rainbow House with Ocean View The Rainbow House - 4000m2

Located on a hilltop in Montezuma, this property features a unique combination of panoramic ocean & mountain views, a very charming house with 130 m2 (1300sqft) of living area, a second building platform and buildable hillside (both with ocean views) only five min from Montezuma town and its beaches. It's also located very close to the best school in the peninsula - Escuela Futuro Verde. It has a huge potential also for a cabina or rental business and is definitely one of the best deals in the entire Montezuma area. Titled land.
Ref# 2-283

    Montezuma Real Estate - Hilltop Lot Lot El Cucurucho B14 - 8947 m2

Delicias lot with a small steep "cucurucho" (hill). It has several large trees, including a massive pochote, and some ocean views. Nice breezes, etc. This is a good area to build a house at what is still an affordable price, yet just a few minutes to Montezuma and the beach. It's amazing that this one hasn't sold yet since everyone who sees it loves it. Titled.
Ref# 3-122

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