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Mariposas del Sol - Montezuma, Costa Rica Rental House
Montezuma Rental House

Healing Arts Center in Montezuma, Costa Rica
Healing Arts Center

montezuma real estate - costa rica

scuba diving in Montezuma

montezuma real estate - costa rica real estate

Hula Hooping in Montezuma, Costa Rica

Montezuma, Costa Rica

Montezuma Cove and Village - a picture perfect paradise in Costa RicaMontezuma, Costa Rica is one of the world's most amazing places. Spellbindingly beautiful, incredible people, delicious food, a wonderous diversity of animals and birds, it's a place that's almost too good to be true... like something out of an exotic fantasy of what a jungle paradise beach town should look like. Read this article at for more detail about Montezuma, Costa Rica.

Montezuma Cove and Village night sceneIn the 1960's a few foreigners discovered Montezuma, and moved here, before there were cars or electricity! Travel was done on horseback. Life was harder, but worth it. Over the decades, Montezuma was "discovered" and hundreds of people from all over the world, especially Italy, Germany, Canada, Argentina, and the United States. It became known as a secret hideaway for movie stars, musicians, and artists and creative people of all types. Before travel to Costa Rica was commonplace, Montezuma was already a world famous destinations for toursists "in the know" about where the best places on earth were.

Howler Monkey in Montezuma. These delightful animals roar like jaguars, frightening many tourists who don't know what they are. But, they are harmless vegetarians.Montezuma also became famous because of Swedish immigrant Nils Olof Wessberg and his Danish wife Karen Morgenson. They founded Cabo Blanco Reserve, and partly because of their efforts, Costa Rica's National Park system was created. Later, Wessberg was murdered by rich Costa Rican ranchers in the Osa Peninsula who were fighting the creation of the national parks, bringing international attention to their efforts. Karen died a few years back, and both of these great heroes are buried in the jungle behind Montezuma.

Surfing at Playa Los Cedros, 5 minutes drive from Montezuma town. Meanwhile, the reputation of Montezuma grew as more people discovered the town and told their friends about it. Now it's become one of the most popular destinations for tourists in Costa Rica. It's no wonder, considering there is an incredible variety of activities available, such as: surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, body boarding, fishing, boating, hiking, waterfalls, cliff jumping, bicycling, motorcycle riding, yoga retreats, dancing massage, and much more. Tourists could spend a month in Montezuma and do a different exciting activity every day.

Famous restaurant 'Playa de los Artistas' in Montezuma serves food as an art form The food in Montezuma is first-rate thanks to the many amazing chefs who have moved to the area. Costa Rica's best restaurant, Playa de Los Artistas, serves a different menu at their beachfront location every day. In addition, there's a bakery, a vegetarian restaurant (Cafe Organico), four Italian pizzerias, and another great restaurant called Cocolores.

Only a half hour drive away is Malpais/Santa Teresa, the Pacific Coast beach communities that attract surfers from around the globe. It's an easy drive to visit these gorgeous beaches and watch the sunset. Plus there are another few dozen restaurants to try.

View from above Playa Hermosa, from Santa Teresa to Malpais, all the way to Cabo Blanco Park. It's no wonder that the Montezuma/Malpais area has seen rapidly escalating real estate prices as many people have decided to try living in paradise or investing here. With 40 million baby-boomers in the U.S. set to retire in the next decade, and 8.9 million Americans with liquid assets of over $1 million dollars to invest, smart investors can see that this area is set to become one of the most expensive beach real estate markets in the world. Many people who have been coming to the area for years now wish they had bought something years back and are buying now before it becomes unaffordable to all but the super-wealthy. Montezuma Real Estate Logo
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