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Mariposas del Sol - Montezuma, Costa Rica Rental House
Montezuma Rental House

Montezuma Area Maps

Costa Rica Real Estate Map Don't trust any of the store-bought maps of this area. We have checked them all and they are all wrong. The published maps were created by looking at older maps without ever visiting the area, and the roads have changed dramatically. They show roads and towns that haven't existed for decades, and many roads that are in use now aren't on them. The second map below was made by me personally for my clients, to keep them from getting lost in the area, and I believe it's the best map of the area made at the moment. (The other good one is in Zoom Magazine.) The various shades of green accurately depict the elevation of the land, so you can see where the mountains and valleys are. Feel free to print it and bring it with you when you visit the area.
The dotted and dashed red lines are roads that may be impassible during the rainy season.

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